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Promorionis presend:guess man spider spinner and south park

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PostWysłany: Pi± 1:17, 27 Kwi 2007    Temat postu: Promorionis presend:guess man spider spinner and south park

all freeGood afternoon
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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ‘Sabotage’ blamed for news show porn
An act of “sabotage” caused hard-core pornography to cut into a Monday night news show hosted by Tom Brokaw.
Valley viewers called Cox Communications and flooded local news media outlets following the 9 p.m. program about national health care, which aired on KPPX-TV (Cox Channel 17).
Chandler parent Brenda Schodt said she was shocked when a series of graphic sex acts suddenly appeared on her television screen.
“Maybe five or 10 minutes into the show there was no volume,” Schodt said. “I thought it was the TV, but when I looked up, there were these images.”
Cox spokeswoman Andrea Katsenes said Tuesday that the unexpected clips were not caused by Cox, and that the problem was a “source issue” with the broadcaster.
ION Television, which operates KPPX, called the problem “an act of human sabotage” at its station.
The company, based in West Palm Beach, Fla., declined to say if the pornography aired nationwide or only in the Phoenix market.
“We have launched a rigorous investigation, and any implicated employees will face strict disciplinary action and termination,” ION Media Networks spokeswoman Leslie Monreal wrote in a prepared statement.
Monreal apologized to viewers and said any unauthorized programming is taken seriously and will be prevented in the future.
The Federal Communications Commission was unable to be reached for comment.
ION Television, which was formerly PAX TV and “i,” advertises its commitment to airing family-friendly programming.
And that’s what concerns Schodt the most.
“I’m an adult with college-age kids,” she said. “But I was thinking of what it must be like for someone who has children at home.”
KPPX’s chief engineer, Ken Sell, said he raced to the studio Monday night to figure out what went wrong.
He told the Tribune he was going over the “air check tape” that records what KPPX has aired, but said he found no evidence that pornography was shown.
When contacted Tuesday, Sell declined to comment further. “Someone has to be responsible here because you certainly don’t want these things happening repeatedly,” Schodt said.
“I can’t imagine what it’s like for these younger kids to see these things and ask their parents questions.”
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] Well, not abandoned yet. During this time the city posted a guard inside the building. His job was to keep the vultures who had already gutted so many of Detroit's abandoned gems of decorative plaster and bra
ss away. He performed that job well, until 1997. He was then pulled out and the building was quickly striped of its decorative pieces. In 1993 Coleman Young attempted to get money to demolish the building(as a follow up of the 1992 Tuller Hotel demolition?) Clearly this never materialized.
In early 1999 the hotel once again became the subject of the city's attention. This time in an effort by the city to gain control of the building and see some action on the site. After years of court proceedings and feasibility studies a renovation deal was announced in the summer of 2003. Intended to reopen the hotel as a Marriott the deal fell apart soon after construction had started. At the time of this writing the city is currently seeking another developer to complete the project.
For more photos and information read the book!
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] Granted, Sony (the progenitor of Betamax) had a lot to do with that ultimate decision, essentially refusing to let its burgeoning format be sullied by pornography hawkers.
But nevertheless, when the adult industry gave the thumbs up to VHS, the result of the format war was pretty much a foregone conclusion.
What followed is now common knowledge. The explosion in the early 80s of VCRs and home-video rentals did for the adult industry pretty much what TV did for pro football.
Today, of course, there is a new format war at hand, one between two high-definition discs whose similarities far outweigh their differences.
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] Grdina even went one step further, adding that even releasing HD DVDs at this point isn't necessarily a sound business decision.
"It's just not lucrative to make HD movies at the moment. Right now, you're basically doing it just to say you have it. The players are still really expensive and most people don't even have a way to watch the content."
While HD DVD certainly seems to have its foot in the porn industry door, Vivid Entertainment, another high profile adult movie studio, announced plans to release on Blu-ray later this year, or at least to begin burning to the format.
Steve Hirsch, who is head of Vivid, said he will also be using the HD DVD format due to its greater market saturation. But he also said the studio will begin burning to Blu-ray as soon as it's feasible (i.e. affordable).
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